RVT-101 for Dementia with Lewy Bodies (HEADWAY-DLB)


Axovant Sciences, have announced their decision to discontinue the HEADWAY-DLB study. The Lewy Body Society is obviously very disappointed at this news and especially for those of our supporters who took part in the trials. The project tested the efficacy …

International Dementia with Lewy Bodies Conference


Here is a link to an excellent report on the recent International Dementia with Lewy Bodies Conference held in Fort Lauderdale, Florida (01 – 04 December 2015). Conference Link.

New research funded by the Lewy Body Society


The Lewy Body Society is very pleased and proud to announce that it is now funding a 3 year clinical research fellowship to Dr Jay Amin at Southampton University. Dr Amin is investigating the role of systemic and central inflammation …

Bristol researchers Link LBD with Alzheimers


Researchers based in Bristol and London have uncovered a link between Lewy body diseases like Parkinson’s and the brain changes associated with Alzheimer’s. To read the full article just click the link.

Nobel Prize for the brain’s GPS discovery


The Nobel Prize for physiology or medicine has been awarded to three scientists who discovered the brain’s “GPS system”. UK-based researcher Prof John O’Keefe as well as May-Britt Moser and Edvard Moser share the award. They discovered how the brain …

LBS research will speed up drug testing


Dr Tilo Kunath of the University of Edinburgh received funding from the Lewy Body Society to make live models of cortical neurons (brain cells) affected by dementia with Lewy bodies (DLB) to be used to test new drugs for DLB. …

Protein May Hold the Key to Who Gets Alzheimer’s


Although the headline cites Alzheimer’s, the article mentions Lewy Body Dementia and details an important study. http://www.nytimes.com/2014/03/20/health/fetal-gene-may-protect-brain-fr…



BrainFacts.org is an authoritative source of information about the brain and nervous system for the public. This site contains a huge amount of information of all the latest information on the science of the brain. “The brain is the most …

Summary of our doctoral student’s PhD research


“Role of Glucocerebrosidase mutations in Dementia with Lewy bodies and Parkinson’s disease” Marzena Kurzawa PhD thesis Supervisors Prof. Patrick Chinnery, Dr Christopher Morris Institute of Genetic Medicine, Newcastle University Dementia with Lewy bodies (DLB) is a common form of age-related …