Our Research Strategy

Science is the answer

Lewy body dementia is the second most common cause of neurodegenerative dementia in older people yet has received less focus than other subtypes of dementia. We want to change that and it starts with better research.

Working together

A new model for disease research is evolving: open, coordinated collaborations between academic researchers, pharmaceutical and biotech companies, private foundations and government agencies with patients, caregivers and patient advocacy groups as key collaborators

Our research strategy includes all aspects of Lewy body dementia, from lab bench to the bedside.

The Lewy body Society aims to:

  • Provide national leadership in forging and maintaining partnerships and collaborations in the UK.
  • Bring new people to the field.
  • Enable training and long-term career development of a new generation of early-career research scientists devoted to Lewy body dementia research.
  • Improve the understanding of the causes of Lewy body dementia.

Enhance the translation of research discoveries into better patient care.

Read more about our objectives for research , the process for deciding grants  and our conflict of interest policy. 

Along with all AMRC charity members, we support the principle of using animals in research when it is necessary to advance understanding of health and disease and to develop new treatments. This research only takes place where there is no alternative available.