We need your help

Lewy body dementia is still the “The most common type of dementia you have never heard of”, but it is slowly changing. Fundraisers like you are the reason we can do the work we do. We rely entire on donations – and show our gratitude to you by never asking for more.

Find your fundraising inspiration

We want to help you choose your perfect way to raise money for the Lewy body Society. What sort of person are you?

Love a challenge? You could follow in the footsteps of your fellow LBS fundraisers right the way to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro. Or wingwalk  your way to donations!

Have a large network? Leverage your contacts by organising an event such as a gala and invite all your friends, family and colleagues.

Are you a fitness fan? Take part in a marathon  – even if you do it by yourself over series of runs you will feel amazing.

More of a have fun sitting down kind of person? What about a coffee morning or a quiz night?

Do you have musical talent? Hold a concert  – a fantastic night out for fundraisers and the performers.

There really is something for everyone. Let us know what you decide, we’d love to follow your progress on social media.

We accept donations in cash, online or by post. Here’s how

Any money raised will be used to support our core missions of raising awareness with the general public, campaigning for better understanding among the medical community and funding research into better diagnosis, care and treatment of Lewy body dementia and ultimately a cure.

No all funds go into one pot to benefit our mission to raise awareness and fund research.

Donations of other peoples’ money or from a company are not eligible for Gift Aid, including amounts raised through fundraising. You can still claim Gift Aid from individual donations.

The easiest way is to set up an online donation page with sites such as Just Giving.

Fundraising materials are available on request – we want to support all your efforts!

Can’t wait to get started?

Get your Lewy body Society fundraising pack right now and put the fun in fundraising!