What We Do


We fund research to understand, diagnose and treat Lewy body dementia better

The Lewy Body Society supports the research
community by helping them disseminate and
promote their work. We have a research strategy
and run regular funding rounds when researchers
and universities can apply for a grant.

In 2007 when we funded a promising PhD student in our first research project. Since then, we have allocated nearly £2.2million in grants to researchers. We are a member of the Association of Medical Research Charities, and our grant process is overseen by a Specialist Advisory Committee. Applications assessed by independent reviewers.


We raise awareness of Lewy body dementia in the general public, medical professionals and policymakers

Through our Consultant Admiral Nurse and our
support for the Lewy body Academy, we are
providing information for the public and training
for professionals. Our A Scarf for Lewy and Dotty
Days – the Lewy body dementia Awareness
Week – have been huge successes in bringing
Lewy body dementia to into the public
consciousness. We also campaign for greater
recognition and resources for Lewy body


We support people living with the disease, their families and carers

LBS publishes a range of information materials, including leaflets, videos and our popular book ‘A Guide to Lewy body dementia’. We help to fund the Admiral Nurse Dementia Helpline to ensure that anyone who needs advice and support can ring and speak to a nurse who has specialist expertise in managing Lewy body dementia.

Why Dotty Days?

The dots in our logo represent the clumps of protein on the brain when someone has Lewy body dementia. They are also a nod to our beloved former Patron June Brown OBE’s most famous role, Dot Cotton in EastEnders.