New clinical trial seeks participants

One of the Lewy Body Society’s main aims is to support research into Lewy body dementia, to help improve diagnosis and treatment of the disease in future.

A new clinical trial started in 2018 at a number of different hospitals and research centres across the UK.

If you or someone you know would like to learn more about this clinical trial, please contact your consultant or one of the sites listed below.

We would also like to encourage everyone to register with Join Dementia Research, so that you can be notified about suitable clinical trials in future.

This clinical trial is not funded by the Lewy Body Society; the role of the charity is to ensure our followers are aware of the clinical trial designed for participants with Lewy body dementia that meet the required criteria.

What is the clinical trial testing?
The clinical trial is a 12 week randomised placebo controlled clinical trial of a new investigational medication called E2027.
The main outcome for this study will be the change in scores on tests like the Montreal Cognitive Assessment MoCA.

What will happen during the clinical trial?
The medicine is taken as a capsule and people enrolled in the clinical trial will take either 50mg of the medicine or 50mg of placebo for 12 weeks, with some follow-up checks and testing.

Who can take part in the clinical trial?
People may be eligible to take part if they have a diagnosis of Dementia with Lewy Bodies, have had visual hallucinations in the last month and have a Caregiver. If you or someone you know has Dementia with Lewy Bodies and would like to learn more about this clinical trial, please contact one of the hospitals listed below or speak to your consultant.

How can I get involved?
The clinical trial is taking place at these sites in the UK, of which some are recruiting. If you or the person you care for is a patient at one of these units, please speak to your consultant.
•Natalie Portwine 01892 603107 Dementia Research Unit, Crowborough, East Sussex, United Kingdom, TN6 1HB
• Suzanne Dodge 023 80475206 Memory Assessment and Research Centre, Moorgreen Hospital Southampton, Hampshire, United Kingdom, S030 3JB
• Leigh-Ann Whyte 07795 450028 Clinical Research Centre (CRC), Dundee, Scotland, United Kingdom, DD1 9SY
• Clare Taylor 020 8483 1807 West London Mental Health Trust, Isleworth, United Kingdom, TW7 6FY
• Tara Comber 0207 848 5153 – Kings College, London, United Kingdom, SE5 8AF
• Lewis Harpin 07918 905 762 Manchester Mental Health and Social Care Trust, Manchester, United Kingdom, M25 3BL
• Alison Sutherland PhD, BSc. 0191 2081271 Clinical Ageing Research Unit, Newcastle General Hospital, Newcastle,NE4 5PL
• George Robinson (Head of Recruitment) Cognition Health, London, W1G 9JF