Help secure media coverage for A Scarf for Lewy

We know that many hundreds of people have contributed to this project, by knitting a scarf or by attending the event with us on Friday.

It will really help to raise awareness of Lewy body dementia if we get coverage in as many local newspapers as possible.  Every paper in the country will receive a press release from us following the event, with details of the Lewy Body Society and pictures of the scarf wrapped around the Royal Albert Hall.  But a local angle will help and they may be more likely to run it if someone from their area is involved.

We’ve put together this simple how-to guide that explains how you can put together a press release and send it to your local paper

Firstly – please take a selfie on the day, clearly in front of the Royal Albert Hall with the scarf wrapped around. Or if you have a picture from when you knitted your scarf, use that.
On the template press release simply add in the details marked XX – following the instruction of the yellow highlighted text: pr volunteer release
Save the new document.
Visit your local newspaper website and click on contact us.
There will be a form to complete where you can paste the press release into it or an email address for the newsdesk. Simply copy the press release in full and paste it either in the comment box or in the body of the email. Please remember to attach your selfie.
Please do keep an eye on the website, social media or even the actual paper to see if they include the story and send us a picture/link if they do.
Thank you gain for your support