Capgras syndrome in Lewy body dementia – webinar recording now available

In Lewy body dementia, problems such as hallucinations and delusions often arise. In some cases, these may present as ‘delusions of misidentification’, of which Capgras syndrome is one type. In Capgras syndrome, a person believes that a friend, spouse, parent, or other close family member has been replaced by an identical-looking impostor. This can be […]

Lewy Body UK Conference

We were delighted to work with a team of academics – Rimona Weil (UCL), Claire O’Callaghan (The University of Sydney) & John-Paul Taylor (Newcastle University) – to host the Lewy Body UK 2021 Scientific Conference on 15th June. With 15 speakers in total, some from as far away as Australia and the USA, it was […]

Dotty Days 2019 – Lewy body dementia awareness week

Dotty Days 2019 runs from 1-8 June this year and we wanted to let you know how you can get involved.   You can buy your dotty pin badge, wristbands or ribbons on our online shop here or message us for a free fundraising pack. We really hope this year Dotty Days will be bigger […]

Press release: A million pound effort to tackle Lewy body dementia

The Lewy Body Society, a charity dedicated to tackling the second most common form of dementia, has announced the latest recipients of its grants programme. The charity is awarding three grants totalling £314,000 for projects at the University of Cambridge, Newcastle University and Imperial College London. These grants take the total research funding issued by the charity […]

Radio 4 Program on Dementia Presented by Joan Bakewell

On 16 Decemebr 2014 on BBC Radio 4, the veteran broadcaster Joan Bakewell ( now in her eighties) l presented a 36 minute program on dementia. How it creeps up on people and affects their lives and the lives of their families. Here is a link to the podcast for those who missed it.

UK will lead search for dementia cure, says PM

Britain is to lead the search for a cure for dementia – one of the ‘greatest enemies of humanity’, David Cameron will say today. The article is entitled: ‘UK will lead search for dementia cure, says PM: Cameron vows to tackle one of ‘greatest enemies of humanity’ ahead of £15m pledge to fund research into […]

BBC Series – Saints & Scroungers

The Lewy Body Society has been approached by the BBC Series – Saints & Scroungers. They have asked if we have a supporter who would be willing to appear in the series. The person would need to appear in the program and be filmed with a carer in their own home. Focus for the program […]