The Lewy Body Society and Covid-19

The coronavirus pandemic is having a terrible impact on our society, with so many people now affected by this awful disease which has claimed so many lives. Many charities are finding their services are needed more than ever, and are finding new ways to reach people. Yet at the same time, many charities are struggling financially because of lost income from shops and fundraising events.

At the Lewy Body Society we will be affected, as we had a number of runners taking part in events like the London Marathon that have been cancelled or postponed. We also benefit from workplace fundraising like bake sales and sponsored events.

However we are fortunate that our costs are low (we have no physical office and a very small team who already work remotely) and a healthy level of reserves, so we are able to carry on with our planned work for this year. This means we are able to commit to funding our full grants scheme. for which applications will close next week. Universities and researchers have also been affected by Covid-19, and we will do everything we can to ensure that research into Lewy body dementia continues.

We have been amazed at the creativity of our supporters who have found ways to safely fundraise within the current restrictions, like 11 year-old Daniel who ran 26.2 miles over 6 days and raised over £700. Similarly, our Chair of Trustees Ashley was due to walk Hadrian’s Wall this summer and fundraise for LBS. Instead, she is gradually walking 84 miles of Hadrian’s Walk along the Tyne near her home. All these donations will make a difference to people affected by Lewy body dementia.

As ever, our thanks go to all our supporters and everyone working in the health and care sectors, or providing unpaid care, is in our thoughts. If you need advice about living with LBD for yourself or a loved one, our guide book and a factsheet on Covid-19 and LBD are available on our website, and the Admiral Nurse Dementia Helpline is open 7 days a week. DM us if you need help finding anything.

Stay safe, everyone.