The Imagine Series

‘The Imagine Series’ is an new patient and carer involvement programme coordinated by VOICE and delivered in collaboration with the NIHR Innovation Observatory. The Innovation Observatory is a national centre funded by the Department of Health and aims to see what the management of health conditions could, and should, look like in the future.

The focus of this project within ‘The Imagine Series’ will be dementia with Lewy bodies, specifically looking at carer experience.

We are asking current and former carers of people living with dementia with Lewy bodies to complete an online insight activity as part of The Imagine Series.

The activity should take no more than 30 minutes and can be accessed via the VOICE website here:

The Imagine Series is about putting carer experience, needs and priorities at the heart of research. Combining research evidence with valuable insights from carers, we will identify where the gaps in research are and determine if current research aligns with the priorities of carers.

The activity outcomes will be used to stimulate further discussions with researchers in the field of dementia with Lewy bodies, shining a light on the key challenges, priorities and unmet needs of patients and carers. VOICE and the Innovation Observatory will also work with key stakeholders across the NHS and Department of Health to help shape future research and contribute to funding priorities.