Lewy Body Dementia Videos

Living with Dementia
Peter Ashley

This video was directed and narrated by Paloma Casillas Baldres, a graduate student at the City University London . This is an inspiring look at dementa with a particular focus on Lewy Body Dementia. The video gives an overview of life with dementia and has a range of contributors and organisations, but features Peter Ashley who died 10 November 2015. Peter led a busy life following a diagnosis of Lewy Body Dementia in 2000. Peter was a strong campaigner and advocate on dementia. He was also an active supporter of the Lewy Body Society.

Professor Ian McKeith

In the following video about dementia with Lewy bodies, LBS President, Professor Ian McKeith reviews the scientific and medical work on LBD.

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Alzheimer Scotland, ‘Essential Conversations: Talking about death and dementia‘ (2011), a resource for health and social care professionals and also family carers.