Research questionnaire – thank you to participants

Research-Questionnaire---Thank-You-to-ParticipantsI would like to thank everybody who contributed to my recent survey looking at the support and information given to families when one of them has a diagnosis of Dementia with Lewy Bodies. The survey ran for a month and is now closed but during that time 125 people responded which gives me an excellent picture of the support available. For example about a quarter of people had some support from medical staff but nearly half did not feel they had any support and there is a lot of difference around the country. I hope to now look more closely at the type of support people want in their locality and how best to deliver information about those aspects of DLB they feel they need to know more about. I will be looking at the best way to provide and publicise this so that it is offered rather than people struggling to find answers. I hope you will be able to hear more in the months to come.
Thanks again, Alison