Polka Dot-ty days in June

Polka-Dot-ty-days-in-JuneHelp raise Lewy body a-wearness without getting cold and wet!

To celebrate the Lewy Body Society’s 9th birthday and in honour of the Society’s much loved Patron, June Brown, we have designated the whole month of June to raising awareness of Lewy body dementia.

To download the package just click the link.

What’s it L about?

Posting pictures on social media of people wearing the Society’s signature dark blue with white spots. It doesn’t have to be big, a wristband will do but the spottier the better. Because the second part of the challenge is to persuade at least 3 other people to join in. Group photos of the wearing of the spots would be fantastic.

Lovely ties and scarves are now available to buy on the Shop page of this website.

Please help make this go viral in and for June.