Police recruits fundraise for LBS during training

We would like to say a big thank you to Metropolitan Police recruits in classes 106A and 106E who took part in fundraising activities for the Lewy Body Society and have raised £625.

Each police intake is encouraged to raise some money for a desired charity and the Lewy Body Society was suggested by their trainer David Mason, who has a family member in the early stages of dementia, as well as close friends affected by the disease.  

The recruits have now finished their 13 week training course, which includes physical challenges, legislation and safety issues, and first-aid training, and will be hitting the streets of London as Probationary Police Constables. 

As well as being grateful for the donation, which will help fund much-needed research into Lewy body dementia, we are really pleased that this group of police officers will have some knowledge of dementia which they will take forward into their work in the community.  

The recruits are pictured below following a tough circuit class in the rain and mud!