Online events now open for booking – May 2021

We are pleased to announce a further round of online events that are now available for booking. If you have any problems booking or have suggestions for future events, please send us an email.

Tuesday 11th May 11am – Introduction to AMRC Open Research

AMRC Open Research is a platform for rapid author-led publication & open peer review of research funded by AMRC (Association of Medical Research Charities) members

At this event we will be joined by Phil Dooner from AMRC Open Research who will talk about how to use the platform and the advantages that it offers. It is available (currently free of charge) to all projects funded by The Lewy Body Society or another AMRC member charity, or those in which the charity is cited as a contributor.

For more information visit

Some of the advantages of using this platform are:

  • Wide variety of article types published, from all stages of a research grant, eg Study protocols, methods, data notes, case reports, negative results, etc. It can be difficult to get these published in traditional journals.
  • Research can be made available very quickly.
  • Researchers are in control of publication.
  • No editors assessing articles for interest levels.
  • No need to overstate conclusions.
  • Authors decide when the article is complete, not editors or reviewers.
  • Links research with charity funding
  • Open access allows charity communities to read the research, and lay summaries make this as accessible as possible.

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Monday 24th May 11am – The impact of COVID-19 on people living with Lewy body dementia and their carers 

Hear the findings of a recent survey on how COVID-19 has impacted people living with Lewy body dementia, and discuss your own experience 

COVID-19 has had a devastating, and highly unequal effect on countries, communities, and individuals. This session will review the experiences of people with LBD who responded to a recent survey.

How do their experiences compare with those of people with other long-term conditions or other types of dementia?

Are your own experiences similar or very different and what we can learn to help us plan for the future?

Our speaker will be Alison Killen, who is a health researcher at Newcastle University.

Alison studies conditions experienced by people with Lewy body disease, such as visual hallucinations and memory impairment. Alison is also a registered practitioner psychologist and works in a specialist LBD clinic in the NHS where she offers pre- and post-diagnostic support, self-management strategies, adjustment to diagnosis and resilience building. She has recently piloted a support group for people with DLB and family care partners with funding from the LBS. She has also carried out consultancy projects and delivered dementia related training for NHS, University and third sector organisations.

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