New study seeks carers to complete an online survey

Please see below information about a University of Reading study which focuses on informal (i.e. unpaid) caregivers of individuals with parkinsonism symptoms. They are building an online intervention to support these caregivers, but first need to garner their opinions and feedback about the website’s features.

Who can take part?

  • Do you provide unpaid care to a relative, friend or another person who has symptoms or a diagnosis including parkinsonism?


  • Do you provide this care in a non-institutional, community-based setting?


  • Do you have access to the internet through a home computer, smartphone or other device?


If so, we are keen to hear your opinions in our online survey!

Why do you find certain websites or apps more practical to use than others? What are the features that make them easy to use? By completing our survey, you will provide us with vital feedback to enable us to complete the development of our website and app.

The website we are building is an online journaling website. It will allow you to write journal entries about different subjects, using guidance based on Positive Psychology principles. The survey will ask whether you find features suggested for the website acceptable or practical. It will also give you space to tell us about other features you feel are necessary and useful.

We expect you to take approximately 10 minutes to complete our survey. It is completely anonymous, so you will not be asked to give any personal details. We foresee few risks in completing our survey

If you would like to know more about our study, or you are interested taking part, please contact Neil Boyt on the following email address:


We look forward to hearing from you soon!