Lewy Body Society statement regarding lecanemab trial

Responding to reports that trials of lecanemab have slowed the rate of cognitive decline in patients with Alzheimer’s Disease, Jacqui Cannon, Chief Executive of The Lewy Body Society said:

“It is very exciting to hear about the positive findings that lecanemab may help with slowing the progression of Alzheimer’s disease. We know that many people with dementia with Lewy bodies (DLB) have, in addition to proteins specific to Lewy body disease, changes in their brains similar to Alzheimer’s disease.

Drugs like lecanemab might therefore be useful in DLB. However, as yet, no trials have been conducted in DLB with these types of drugs so we don’t yet know how effective or safe drugs like lecanamab might be.

However, I am optimistic that the success of lecanamab in Alzheimer’s opens up the real possibility of drugs like lecanemab being trialled in DLB in the near future.

We encourage everyone – whether they are living with Lewy body dementia or not – to register with Join Dementia Research to be considered for future studies and trials.”