Lewy Body Academy to transform knowledge of Lewy body dementia

We are delighted to be a partner in the newly formed Lewy Body Academy. The Academy builds upon the successful model of the Neurology Academy, and seeks to support professionals with knowledge and expertise about Lewy body dementia. It is led by Professor Iracema Leroi, Associate Professor of Geriatric Psychiatry at Trinity College Dublin.

Next month the first Lewy Body MasterClass will take place in Belfast, and we have provided a grant to support the event which brings together many of the top experts in Lewy body dementia management and treatment.

The first event of its kind, the aim of the Masterclass is to address the gap in awareness and knowledge of Lewy body dementia by medical professionals, and their skills in supporting people living with the disease.

This is one of the key objectives of The Lewy Body Society and is a problem regularly raised by people who contact us.

This MasterClass aims to address this gap in knowledge by providing intense practical education on the diagnosis and practical management of Lewy body dementia among clinicians in the UK and Ireland, leaning on the latest evidence regarding biomarkers and interventions.

The model of training has been tried and tested by the Neurology Academy for almost two decades, and it is a positive step that attention is now being turned to Lewy body dementia. If this event is successful, there will be future sessions held at different venues across the UK.

The MasterClass will also form the basis of developing a network of LBD-skilled clinicians across the UK and Ireland, able to lead improvements in diagnosis, management, and care. Many leading experts in Lewy body dementia, who we have worked with for many years, will be speaking at the MasterClass.

You can find out more here and register your interest for future MasterClass events.