Hallucinations – new leaflet and webinar on 5th July

Hallucinations and changes in visual perception can be among the most challenging symptoms of Lewy body dementia, both for the person living with the disease and their family/caregivers.

That’s why we’ve produced a new resource with information and tips about how to manage hallucinations, based on feedback from people living with LBD and their carers. You can download it or order a hard copy here.

We are also hosting a webinar on 5th July 2021 at 11am, at which we be joined by Professor John-Paul Taylor from Newcastle University who is a clinician and researcher and one of the country’s top experts in Lewy body dementia. He will be joined by Consultant Admiral Nurse for Lewy body dementia Rachel Thompson to answer your questions about what causes hallucinations and how best to manage them.

Sign up via Eventbrite here.