Feasibility and acceptability of a dementia with Lewy bodies support and information group

Alison Killen writes….

I am a research assistant working at Newcastle University and I am very pleased to introduce a new study which the Lewy Body Society have kindly agreed to support.

There is a lot of work ongoing to develop tests and treatments which will help people with DLB in the future but it is also vital to provide effective support and information for people living with the condition and their families at the present time. This study aims to develop short-term groups which are different from existing dementia support groups because they will include tailored knowledge, skills and coping strategies all related to DLB.

I hope running these groups will enable me to find out three things:

  • Whether attending makes people feel more in control and able to manage
  • Whether taking part affects feelings of stress and low mood.
  • What is the most effective group format and content

I then intend to develop a manual and training workshop based on my findings for clinical staff to deliver this package soon after people receive a diagnosis.