East Anglia Research

Are you or someone you care for living in East Anglia with a diagnosis of Lewy body dementia?

Living with Lewy body dementia: Stories of Everyday Experience is a research study aimed at finding out your experiences of day to day living with Lewy body, so it can inform future nursing practices and care.

Taking part involves three interview lasting about 30-60 minutes each.
They can take place either in your own home, or somewhere else if you would prefer, at a time convenient to you.

The interview would explore:
• Your everyday life experiences of living with Lewy body dementia
• How Lewy body dementia affects your day to day living.
• How you and your family manage.

If you would like to be involved, or would like more information call: Allison Bentley on 01223 675779 or email: a.bentley4@Lancaster.ac.uk

Please consider taking part in this research.