Chris Leek’s £1m ‘Arch to Arc’ challenge

Every single one of our supporters who completes a physical challenge to raise money for Lewy body dementia research – whether it’s a 5k race, a mountain walk or a marathon – has our gratitude and admiration.  We couldn’t have funded £1 million in research to improve the diagnosis and treatment of the disease without them.  

But sometimes we are contacted about an event and we are truly stunned!  This was the case when we heard about Chris Leek and his plan to complete the Enduroman ARCH to ARC Challenge. Chris, 32 from Orpington, is attempting to complete this incredible feat which involves:

1. RUN 87 miles from Marble Arch, London to Dover

2. SWIM approximately 21 miles across the English Channel and lastly

3. CYCLE 181 miles from Calais to the Arc de Triomphe, Paris.

THE TARGET? To do all of this is an amazing challenge in itself but he is looking to complete this within 64 hours and become the World Record Holder. The current record is 73 hours and 39 minutes. Only 34 individuals have ever completed the entire challenge solo and he is also looking to do this without a wetsuit which only four people have managed to do. This is an exclusive group Chris hopes to join.

Chris is aiming to raise awareness and £1m in sponsorship for three charities very close to his family’s heart; Parkinson’s UK, Lewy Body Society and Orpington’s Saxon Day Centre.  He has already successfully swum the English Channel for Parkinson’s UK.

WHEN – The date has been set for August 2019.

WHY – Over the last 3 to 4 years his dad has had to take on an even bigger test in life, Lewy body dementia. For the man who taught him courage, confidence and inspired him to believe in himself enough to be able to swim the English Channel. This challenge is not only for his dad, but for his Mum (Linda) and two sisters (Emma and Katy), who care for him every day.

Chris has been training for eight months and at the weekend is often found doing 50-mile runs or cold-water swims in Dover or at Leybourne Lake. The rest of his time he splits between his dad, work, wife Charlotte and dog Parker.  Chris has found sponsorship with Michelob Ultra after working for Budweiser Brewing Group for 10 years.

We will be sharing updates on Chris and his training, and he can be followed directly on:

Facebook –

Instagram –

Sponsorship Page –

Good luck Chris, and thank you for taking on this incredible challenge for the Lewy Body Society.