CEO attends Downing Street dementia workshop


Our CEO Jacquie Cannon partcicpated at a recent 10 Downing Street workshop on dementia. Here his her report:

Tuesday 24th September 2013 – I attended a workshop at No.10 to prepare for the G8 Summit on Dementia Research on the 11th December 2013. It was an honor to represent the Lewy Body Society and great that we had a presence around the table, this is a clear recognition that we are now seen as a major player as a dementia charity.

The summit aims to develop a coordinated global approach to research.
The workshop was attended by Jeremy Hunt (Health Secretary) and Alistair Burns NHS England’s National Clinical Director for Dementia to name but a few.

Key messages were : a requirement for Big Data; looking at data protection policies to allow Big Data to happen; Global funding in addition to the funding that already happens; get drugs onto the market early with ‘L plates’ and .encouraging more reserachers to enter the field of Dementia Research.

Research into care was also discussed, “what works and what doesn’t?”