Angela’s Blog about her Mum.

Angela Dancocks is an A&E doctor and was working in Australia when her Mum was
diagnosed with DLB. She returned from Australia 2 years ago and since then has
kept a weekly blog of her visits to see her Mum in her care home.

A week with Mr Lewy Body

Karen Wilson whose Dad has Lewy Body Dementia decided to write a blog detailing a week in her life caring for him . Her aim is to bring awareness to all types of dementia, and to raise some money for LBS and AZUK.

Lewy Body Journey

A wife writes of her experiences of her husband’s dementia with Lewy bodies.

Living well with Lewy Body Dementia

Blog written by Ken Clasper about living with dementia with Lewy bodies.

(Dementia Just Ain’t) Sexy

Blog written by Ming Ho about the impact of dementia on those who live with it.

Creating life with words: Inspiration, love and truth

Blog written by Kate Swaffer, an Australian who has dementia.


Blog written by Beth Britton, dementia campaigner, care consultant and freelance writer.


Blog written by Tommy Whitelaw, based in Glasgow, who cared for his mother who had vascular dementia. Tommy collects the life stories of dementia carers to raise awareness amongst health and social care professionals on both dementia and caring.