Our values

The Lewy Body Society

A registered charity in England and Wales (1114579) and in Scotland (SC047044)

Volunteerism of time, effort and financial support, has historically been at the core of charitable endeavours and is a fundamental tenet of the Lewy Body Society.

To this end, the Society is firmly committed to the following practices and principles.

  • We owe a duty of care to our contributors to ensure that the money they so generously send us is spent wisely and only to further the objects stated in the Society’s constitution, namely to raise awareness of and fund research into Lewy body dementia;
  • We do not solicit donations but are grateful to those who undertake fundraising activities which benefit the Society. The “Donate’ button on the website is for the convenience of those who wish to contribute;
  • We will never ask a contributor for further donations;
  • We do not employ paid staff but may, from time to time, buy the services of an independent contractor to augment the work of the voluntary Operations Team or provide professional expertise outwith the Team’s expertise and experience for a specific project and with a clear and limited remit;
  • The Trustees are not remunerated for their services and the only money they receive is reimbursement for out of pocket expenses incurred on behalf of the Society
  • Repayment of all such expenses are reviewed and approved of by a different Trustee than the one submitting a request for reimbursement ;
  • Any investment of uncommitted funds will be with ethical companies;
  • We will not endorse or be associated with any commercial enterprise;
  • We will not accept donations from any company or organisation which might result in fettering or dictating our activities, create a conflict of interest or that the Trustees deem to be unethical in policy or practice.

July 2015

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