Lewy body dementia drug trial enrolling now throughout UK




Are You or a Loved One living with Dementia With Lewy Bodies (DLB)?

A Clinical Research Study May Be Your Next Step

A clinical research study for people who have had a diagnosis of Dementia with Lewy bodies for at least two months.

This Phase 2b study will evaluate whether RVT-101, an investigational medication, improves cognition (thought and memory) and global function in patients with dementia with Lewy bodies.
To be considered for the study, participants must:
• Have a diagnosis of dementia with Lewy bodies for a minimum of 2 months
• Be between 50 years and 85 years of age
• Have a Mini Mental State Examination (MMSE) score between 14 and 26, which is assessed by a doctor at the start of the study
• Be accompanied by a consistent caregiver who can oversee the participant’s study involvement and answer questions about the health of the participant.
Additional eligibility criteria apply.

Contact us today to see if you or someone you know may be eligible to participate at: